Exit the Sauna of Self-Pity

September 13th, 2018

Courtesy of Jeff Griffin

Moms can be placed in challenging situations.  They may have a limited support system, financial strains, too many responsibilities, too little of too much, really.  But, in the post below, Jeff Griffin, a world-renowned author of “I’Mpossible:  Desire, Dream, Do” describes how to amplify the power inside of you.  Jeff was left paralyzed from the waist down after a construction accident in college and given a sentence to live life from a wheelchair.  He has faced many struggles, but became a master of transformational messaging.

Mile Marker 6—Exit the Sauna of Self-Pity!

People say I’m a pretty happy guy. Others have mentioned that I come across as a well-balanced person. Some have mentioned how positive I am and what a great attitude I have, especially for being in a wheelchair. I would like to say I’m an optimistic realist. People sometimes ask if I ever have a bad day. They want to know if I get discouraged or disheartened. The answer is, of course I do! But I try not to dwell upon it. I just keep going forward, knowing tomorrow or even the next hour will be better.

A lot of people think this go get ‘em’ attitude was always a part of me. They mention that it must be “natural” to be that positive. I can honestly tell you it hasn’t always been that way. In fact, I used to feel sorry for myself all the time and make excuses. I would justify my thoughts and blame others for my actions. I didn’t hold myself accountable and I thought it was someone else’s responsibility to make things better. But my attitude about life changed forever one particular moment during my first week of rehab after they transferred me to the University of Utah….

I believe we’ve all entered the sauna of self pity.  Some of us by choice, others by accident, while others seem to be locked in it.  If we didn’t enter on purpose some of us have tripped into it by accident.  Whatever the reason for being there, staying there is not the solution.  We all have the ability to exit with the help from a friend!

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