Why Time For Mama

September 13th, 2018

Why Time for Mama?

The average American mom:

  • Starts the day at 6:23am and ends at 8:31pm.
  • Works 14 hours a day and 100 hours/week
  • Puts in the equivalent to 2.5 full-time jobs!

(based on a contemporary survey of 2,000 American women)

Mom’s need a break, too!  Consider the following:

Set aside a few hours to spend with friends on a regular schedule, Wednesday at 7pm or Sunday at 1pm—try to commit to something regular so you keep yourself a priority.  The kids can have time with their dads OR dads and kids could have a get-together at that same time as well!  Moms go out—dads and kids meet at a rotating house!

Activities for Moms’ Night:

Go on a hike/walk

Play a board game

Get tickets to a concert or sporting event

Go to an indoor rock climbing gym

Try a paint night event

Go bowling

See a movie

Have a bonfire with smores!

Split a hotel room and use the pool/hot tub/sauna

Create a craft!

Have a pot-luck

Order takeout from different ethnic food restaurants you haven’t tried before

Manis/pedis/hair salon

Host a Tupperware/jewelry/make-up or other sponsored party

Zumba class!

Go mini-golfing

Dress up and go dancing!

Try an escape room experience

Meet for coffee at a bookstore

Attend a dinner detective show

Try laser tag

Attend a cooking class

Play bunco

Roller skating

Comedy club

Have a clothing swap

See a play

Guilty pleasure night where moms bring over their favorite magazines for celebrity gossip!

Fondue night with each guest bringing their favorite finger food to dip

Holiday gift wrap party—gets work done and you can trade paper and décor!

Coloring books—sounds silly but a great stress reliever

Bead necklaces/bracelets

Yoga class

Find an event to volunteer at as a group

PJ party with popcorn and favorite re-runs

Taco night

Get a massage

See a psychic

Retail therapy—group outing in a favorite store